Friday, September 9, 2011

This is LA LA land...thus far:)

The view from our apartment looking towards the Hollywood Hills
The view from our apartment looking out over the city

Labor day weekend CELEBRATION on our rooftop

Swoop Magazine's motto to live by, snapped a picture while visiting the warehouse 

Representing GROW clothing line out in Hermosa

Busta Rhymes gittin it @ Perez Hilton's One Night in LA event

Where to start!?
Los Angeles is a city full of energy and people who have a passion for what they believe they were born to do. These past three weeks have been VERY entertaining! (This is the entertainment capitol of the world) I have seen everything from the homeless dancing around the streets of Hollywood Blvd. while drinking straight from the bottle, fashionista's in their 6 inch heels while grocery shopping, to the beautiful beach in Hermosa. When I first arrived in the city I had the privilege of working the artist check-in at Perez Hilton's One Night in LA concert at the Wiltern theater. The flashing lights of paparazzi cameras amiss a red carpet extravaganza really had me saying "Erin, we're defiantly not in San Diego anymore!" We ended our day with the last performance of the night Busta Rhymes. He KILLED IT, and called Erin and I sexy :) As the week progressed we decided to go and visit a friend of ours that we met 3 years ago during our first experience in Beverly Hills. Scott Bailey the founder and publisher of SWOOP MAGAZINE invited us over to peer into his world. His warehouse is amazing and his hospitality was unforgettable, we really got to see what goes on behind closed doors :) I have been a follower of the magazine for quite some time now and seeing him and his work was very inspirational. Readers keep this in mind, the SWOOP motto, "WORK HARD, PLAY OFTEN!"  Playing often is what I have been doing since I have arrived here. Next up labor day weekend! We had a party on our rooftop, and got to meet most of our neighbors. Our neighbors are awesome and the party was so much fun. San Diego girls now have a reputation when it comes to getting, and keeping the party going :) Reality kicks in after a holiday, right!? Job search begins!!! I am hoping to secure a cocktail serving position at The W hotel in Hollywood, so everybody keep those fingers crossed! LA, LA land has been GRAYte, thus far...I wonder what's in store for me next!? Until next time readers, thank you for following and have a GRAYte day!
XOXO Whitney GRAY<3

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