Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I scored a GRAYte job!

Krista and I getting our hair done for the event @ Blo hair salon in the W hotel

(PINK) Champagne poppin' 

Before the crowds arrived
Mario Lopez...I WANT YOUR JOB!!

Delphine Eatery and Bar Station at the event
Lights, Camera, ACTION!

The W Hollywood Hotel

The Living Room (inside lounge)

The Station (outside lounge)

They say pictures say a thousand words...these can't even describe what an amazing job I scored about a week ago! In my last post I told my followers to keep their fingers crossed...THANK YOU to those who did, it worked! I got a cocktail serving position at the W Hollywood Hotel. Getting this job really makes LA feel like home. I had been going on interview after interview, trying to land a job before I blew through all of my money, but my heart was not really into the jobs I was applying for. I was told by one of my good friends and her husband that "The W would be the perfect place for me to work, and that I would fit right in!" Honestly, I couldn't bring myself to go apply there. It is such a big hotel, which made me very intimidated, let alone finding a place to park in this city scares me to death! (I did grow up in Valley Center) I would drive past the hotel everyday and say to myself... "Tomorrow, I'll go in and apply" but I never did! That was until my friend Scott invited me to a business meeting there. I had no choice but to suck it up, find parking, and face my fears! After the meeting I knew I belonged there. I went to yoga the next morning and my instructor left us with one simple yet meaningful piece of advice for the day, she said "If you want something, go and get it!" I have heard this GRAYte saying so many times before, but that day I heard differently, it was as though she knew I needed to hear it! I went home, showered, reviewed my resume, and headed straight for the W.  After going through 3 interviews I GOT THE JOB!! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work here! I was lucky enough to be picked out of several girls that work there to represent the company that I work for. (Innovative Dining Group) Krista and I were sent to the the IRIS/Cirque Du Soleil premiere. The day started off with our hair appointments at BLO hair salon in the W hotel, where we sipped on pink champagne. After getting our hair done we scurried on over to the locker rooms where we changed into the costumes you see me wearing in the pictures. After we looked the part, we took a taxi over to Hollywood and Highland where the premiere took place. Hollywood Blvd. was completely shut down and red carpeted, there was a ferris wheel, and at least 25 different sponsors set up for this event. I could not believe that I was standing on the red carpet, in the center of Hollywood serving everyone from Matthew Mcconaughey to Mario Lopez and Christina Milian! Everyone loved our outfits and wanted a picture with us, I felt like a celebrity! :) It was a life changing moment for me...if I'm already standing on the red carpet my first month of living here, that can only mean GRAYte things for me and my future! So happy to be able to share my GRAYte news with all of you, and so fortunate to be living in this city where anything can happen. It's like Disneyland..but for adults that all came here for the same reason, to follow their dreams. I want to leave you with the same advice my yoga instructor left me, IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, GO OUT AND GET IT! 

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